Mac book pro

Answers to Rip and CODEC playback issues
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Mac book pro

Post by DSOTM » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:23 pm

Do Mac Pro or air,portable have a lot of fan noise? I wanna rip my cds in flac,Alac or WAV. But from my understanding you need an optical drive,at least if you go down the Mac route. Do the price matter regarding optical drives? I could perhaps afford it this summer... But I’ve also thought of a cheap Laptop by Toshiba with an optical drive,or other brands. But going back to Microsoft and windows operative system,I don’t know... But this is the cheapest option so far. I’ll have to begin some way or another. But does a cheap Toshiba Latop has a lot fan noise? I was thinking of connection both the options I mentioned to the USB behind my NODE2i,and then go from there. If so I can transfer my most important music to USB thumb drive also down the line. Even pre emphasis cds. This is want I really want! And I’ve done it before,about 13 years circka by using a software program called “Monkey”,something like that. But not pre emphasis cds back then. It worked fine in my Marantz CD player. I now of course The Vault 2i is a strong contender,but really don’t know yet. From my findings I do think I’ll go the cheap way with a PC laptop,ugh... Even so it’s the least expensive. Then I have a couple options. Either have a PS Laptop or a MAC(God hear my prayer) and then use the USB connection. But there’s a downside. I have to have the PC Laptop or MAC Laptop on all time,and perhaps the fan noise we’ll be to much. And then a USB Thumb drive. That’s want I really want do. At least in start. Then add NAS and so on later down the road. I’ll use EAC CUE RIP as my ripping program. And to all the people who like Windows and Microsoft. I don’t really have any hate toward them,but it’s the virus problems. I got tired of that,even though I used Avast software to handle the virus problems in check,but in the the add they only lasted 2-3 years due to a Trojan horse snicking it self I’m the backdoor. But of course Apple I sent immune either,but it’s a lot safer. But as said I’ll only use for ripping options.Thanks!!!!’

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Re: Mac book pro

Post by SeppiE » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:48 am

MacBooks can be VERY loud when performing lots of CPU intensive work, same goes for the Mini, Air and iMac. So ripping and encoding will make the fans spin. If just idling and serving files then they are quiet.

You don’t connect a computer to the USB port on Bluesound devices.

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