Interest in Android TV volume display?

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Interest in Android TV volume display?

Post by tke » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:44 am

I'm wondering if there is any interest in Bluesound volume level display app that I have written for Android TV.

I have a Sony AF8 Android TV connected to Bluesound Node 2i digital input. This system had two issues:
1. AF8 seems to send optical signal periodically also when turned off - making Bluesound auto-sense worthless
2. it's quite hard to adjust TV sound without visual feedback

Using the API discovered by bruce_miranda I made an Android TV app, which detects volume up/down/mute button presses and queries Bluesound status for displaying changed volume level (as a Toast popup) and setting Bluesound to digital input, if other input is being used. In this way, using Bluesound audio feels just like using TV's built-in audio.

I might take the extra step and put this app in Play Store, if there are other Bluesound users with similar needs...

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