Problem pairing Vault2 and Flex2i

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Problem pairing Vault2 and Flex2i

Post by AOM3 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 5:19 am

Hi everyone,

I purchased a Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i in the UK a month or two ago. The idea was to have it in the kitchen, paired with my Vault 2, which is in the dining room – and to enjoy synchronised sound from both.

Both seem to be able to stream Tidal and radio and play ripped files from the Vault 2 on their own without any trouble (very well in fact – both sound great). However the pairing function doesn't work very well at all. When paired, the devices (usually the Flex):
• frequently drop out – maybe every ten minutes or so, sometimes a lot more
• disappear from the app and take forever to come back
• randomly go on mute or won't respond to commands
• when asked to do something, the Flex often starts playing files or a stream previously listened to from the Vault, when other streams have been listened to on it since, and the files are not wanted at that moment.

In general, they constantly trip over each other, get in a muddle and are very aggravating to use as a pair.

We're becoming increasingly frustrated that we can't achieve connected, synchronised audiophile sound throughout the house. My wife has officially "banned" me from choosing any more hifi equipment...

Perhaps we would't mind so much if the support was there. However, I raised the issue with Bluesound support directly on 13th Feb. On the 14th, they asked me for diagnostic logs, which I sent on the 18th. I have subsequently followed up three times and heard nothing. This is very disappointing for what should be a premium service.

My set up:
• Vault 2 plugged directly into router via cat 6 (has always worked v well)
• Pulse Flex 2i plugged into ethernet over mains "home plug". I am using this as it had so many problems when using Wi-Fi. If anything, ethernet over mains is very slightly worse (though doesn't seem to have introduced any noise)
• I don't have any means of plugging the Flex directly into ethernet – no wall sockets and the router is too far away
• the two devices are in different rooms, but close to each other, probably c.5 metres. We've got router -5m-> Vault 2 -5m-> Flex

Help me please before I become a Sonos person.

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Re: Problem pairing Vault2 and Flex2i

Post by SeppiE » Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:40 am

POE is useful but as I found out can be a pain... my two devices need unplugging evert 7-10 days otherwise weird things happen with network traffic. Another pair I had did not pass the devices mac addresses so were just as useless.

Try unplugging them from the mains for a minute to see if that helps, won’t take long :D

I would however test by bringing the Flex closer to your router and try via wifi.

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