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Bluesound and Sonos coexisting

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 10:37 am
by PieterS
Prospective newbie. Intend to purchase Node2i to get MQA from Tidal. Have existing system: iTunes music library, Sonos including bridge and 2 Connect boxes, Tidal for streaming. (Note: Tidal control app and Sonos control app don't play nicely together, there are hiccups).
To this I want to add Bluesound Node2i to feed highest quality music to my stereo system in main listening room, with the Sonos software and hardware feeding music and internet radio to two AV amps in other rooms. What kind of trouble can I get into?

iTunes library is on hard disk belonging to Windows PC. Sonos and Tidal apps (programs!) run on this PC. The Sonos program can access the iTunes library and present the music to the two Connect boxes. Both Sonos and Tidal are controlled by apps on an Air2 iPad.

Does Bluesound have a program which runs on the PC? If so, will the Sonos and Bluesound programs get wrapped around the axle in any way?

Assuming a Bluesound app running on the iPad, will the Sonos and Tidal and Bluesound apps irritate each other?

Am I doing anything dumb here? I imagine I will eventually go to an all Bluesound system and retire the loyal Sonos hardware. But not this year!

Any clues greatly appreciated!


Re: Bluesound and Sonos coexisting

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 12:20 pm
by SeppiE
Bluesound and the Sonos app happily co- exist on the same device, PC, Mac, iOS / Android.

Bluesound can access your iTunes share just like Sonos and yes there is a PC application, not aware of any issues of them coexisting as both are only controlling the hardware and the music share is handled by the PC operating system.

With Tidal you add it to Bluesound as a music service and control it from within the Bluesound app.

Bluesound does have a fully working iOS widget, the lock screen controls from Sonos may or may not be working for you as for some reason don’t work if there are other Airplay endpoints on your local network.

Re: Bluesound and Sonos coexisting

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 1:03 pm
by PieterS
Many thanks. Looks as though I am good to go.