Nothing But Problems

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Nothing But Problems

Post by danegeld » Wed May 08, 2019 7:01 pm

I have been fighting my new pair of Pulse Mini 2i speakers for well over a week. There is so much trouble with these speakers that I'm nearly ready to send them back. The problems fall into 3 main categories: network disconnections, stereo-pairing failures, library indexing failures. I would also note a lack of response from Bluemusic, but that's a topic for a different post.

Physical Setup

Both speakers are in my bedroom, the one to the right of the doorway, shows an Excellent signal, anywhere between -37 and -40 dBm; my main router, an Airport Extreme, is on the opposite side of the wall about 10 feet away from the router. The second speaker is much more of a problem. It sits just to the left of the doorway, about 20 feet from the Airport Extreme and consistently has a Fair to Good signal, varying from -60 to -63 dBm. Moving the speakers to another location is not possible in this room. If I switch the two speakers, I get the same result; even positioning the speakers side by side also gets the same result.


In an attempt to strengthen the signal, I added an Airport Express as a network extender. It seems to make absolutely no difference to the signal to the left speaker. I have moved the Airport Express to various locations around the speaker, with no change. I have tried changing wifi channels and while some are slightly better or worse than others, none will give me the same strength on both speakers. The AirPort Utility reports both the Extreme and the Express as having excellent connections. I'd like to know why I can't get the same signal strength on both speakers.


This is the main reason I bought these speakers, to have true stereo sound; most of the music I listen to was engineered to be heard that way. The pairing also seems to be very much tied to the network problems, but in different ways. I frequently lose the pairing and in about half the disconnections, it doesn't reconnect on its own and I have to manually remove the pairing, unplug/plug the speakers, and then try to re-pair. The disturbing part of that process is that it seems to very much depend on which speaker is plugged in and connected to wifi first as to which one is left and which one is right, but it's not consistent, sometimes the left will be primary, sometimes the right, and the issues appear to have something to do with which speaker is Primary. A USB stick plugged into the left speaker (the one with the low signal), won't be read at all, while the right one will.

It has also happened several times that after a disconnect, the system will eventually reconnect, but the speakers will be switched, thus making it so the USB stick is ignored. Obviously this is a Primary/Slave, but I can't find any way to set which speaker is primary, let alone switch them back the way they were initially set up. Is there a way to set the Primary?

Library Issues

For the first week, I was completely unable to get BluOS to index anything besides a USB stick. Any network share I tried (I have 4 of them, 3 on Raspberry Pi media servers and one on a drive attached to the Airport Extreme). I was able to plug in a USB stick and actually hear the speakers after a day of trying. I spent a day and a half checking and cleaning tags on the files (all mp3...yeah, I know) and was finally able to connect to one of the Pi shares, a dedicated file server I set up just for this purpose, and BluOS indexed the one folder I put on it, about 40,000 files. In order to do that, I tested by transferring a few thousand files at a time to a USB stick, seeing if that would index, and then transferring those files to the share. That was all well and good until I added another folder that was also tested on USB to the share. At point I told BluOS to Reindex. The entire Library went away. Nothing left.

My collection consists of about 160,000 files. At this rate, I'm no better off than I was with Sonos and its well-hidden limit of 65,000.

This whole situation is beyond maddening. For $1000/pair, these things should work flawlessly. They don't. There are some things I like very much with these speakers, most notably the great sound, and oddly, the RF Remote support, which is easily the best implementation I've ever seen for a remote. However, if I can't get these connectivity issues resolved, I'm going to have to return the Pulse Mini 2i's. I can't use them if they don't work.

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Re: Nothing But Problems

Post by TonyW » Thu May 09, 2019 7:53 am

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