Improvement suggestions for Bluesound App

The Bluesound App for iOS
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Improvement suggestions for Bluesound App

Post by StanStar7 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:12 am

It would be great to make it more user friendly:

Finding where the link is to pair headphones took some time to find. It is not in the settings where I would have logically expected this to be. Likewise I would expect to see an option to connect any external bluetooth speaker if such an option is possible.

Would be nice to have a minimum controls page without any further clutter, or a section of the screen permanently available regardless of where you navigate in the app, with:

- pulldown or pop-up for the source
- pulldown or pop-up for the play destination (main speakers or headphones)
- volume control and mute

Something simple and easy to use even for the non ipad and computer litterate people


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